This blog is a result of my two tenth grade honors English classes studying in our American Literature course the Transcendentalist writers of New England during the 1850's, when it was the beginning stages - the first thirty years - of the Industrial Revolution.

My students and I are over here in Taiwan at The International Bilingual School at Hsinchu, grades 1-12.

To read the overview that explains the seeds that sprouted into this blog, please see May 4th's blog post, The process of a modern day transcendentalist: http://transparenteyeballers.blogspot.com/2009/05/process-of-modern-day-transcendentalist.html

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Quantum Shift

Our contemporary world is dominated by the materialistic, energy- and resource-intensive, and narrowly self-concerned technological civilization that spread from the West to all nations. Human processes today are unsustainable- they follow an unbalanced linear pattern that goes from resource to waste, affecting environment and economy, as well as society itself. We have been making significant efforts to expand and grow - develop and make our world the "best. Unfortunately, we have been expanding and growing the wrong way. Humans must realize that all individuals are intertwined, in one way or another. They must communicate with themselves and others, strengthening the bonds. Ignorance of these ways of intrinsic growth may lead to false beliefs and a narrow-minded view of the world, which would only allow the continuation down the path to the edge of a cliff. The inner growth will produce awareness of problems, and positive attitudes in approaching the problems.

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  1. You've all done a really good job putting together this summary, condensing it from its original different versions.