This blog is a result of my two tenth grade honors English classes studying in our American Literature course the Transcendentalist writers of New England during the 1850's, when it was the beginning stages - the first thirty years - of the Industrial Revolution.

My students and I are over here in Taiwan at The International Bilingual School at Hsinchu, grades 1-12.

To read the overview that explains the seeds that sprouted into this blog, please see May 4th's blog post, The process of a modern day transcendentalist: http://transparenteyeballers.blogspot.com/2009/05/process-of-modern-day-transcendentalist.html

Monday, 2 August 2010

Miracle Mantra ~ Part 2 ~ Chant 9 Times

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Quantum Shift

Our contemporary world is dominated by the materialistic, energy- and resource-intensive, and narrowly self-concerned technological civilization that spread from the West to all nations. Human processes today are unsustainable- they follow an unbalanced linear pattern that goes from resource to waste, affecting environment and economy, as well as society itself. We have been making significant efforts to expand and grow - develop and make our world the "best. Unfortunately, we have been expanding and growing the wrong way. Humans must realize that all individuals are intertwined, in one way or another. They must communicate with themselves and others, strengthening the bonds. Ignorance of these ways of intrinsic growth may lead to false beliefs and a narrow-minded view of the world, which would only allow the continuation down the path to the edge of a cliff. The inner growth will produce awareness of problems, and positive attitudes in approaching the problems.

The Book of Secrets

We often delude ourselves into thinking that what we crave most in life are materialistic objects. However, the truly greatest hunger in life is actually in finding the hidden dimensions in oneself - discovering essence. Unlocking the truth of one's reality is a result of choosing to be whole and unified over fragmentation. We will discover that we are part of a whole; we are participants of all things from the past, present, and future. It is an expression of one intelligence that is present everywhere. Our own body cells contain vast wisdom and have no problem participating in the mystery of life. They are completely passionate and driven in serving their higher purpose, keeping in touch with every other cell, being adaptable, recognizing other cells as equals, combining creativity, obeying the universal cycle of rest and activity, being efficient, being involved, giving out, and passing on knowledge to future generations. This mystery of life shines within all of us. It shows us the wisdom that is so essential to our working together to solve such large-scale problems of consumption and global warming. We are not living the way we should be living, and one of the main reason why we are not open to teamwork and compromise is due to our fear of change.

"I am not the body; I am the soul"

Do you believe in miracles? No? Then you probably have never heard of Ashrita Furman or Sri Chinmoy. Ashrita Furman and his teacher, Sri Chinmoy, are breakers of many records in the Guinness Book of Records. Ashrita Furman currently holds the record of having "The most current Guinness world records held at the same time by an individual." Both, Ashrita and Sri Chinmoy, credit their achievements to meditation, which allows them to transcend their minds and connect with their soul- a source of inexhaustible power. Transcending the physical world can also mean to be content without so many physical belongings. When we realize that the material, physical world does not matter, we will not over-consume and will ultimately stop global warming. As Ashrita Furman said, we have an inexhaustible energy in our soul that gives us unlimited possibilities and the ability to achieve anything that may seem impossible, like stopping global warming, as long as we have the willpower to act.
"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world" - Emerson

The Story of Stuff

In Anne Leonard's video about the story of stuff, she explains the true story of how the things we use everyday get produced and disposed. We currently live in a system of crisis that is consuming too much for our finite planet to replenish itself in time. Corporations use planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence to keep us buying new things; they purposely design things to be thrown as soon as they are used, like paper cups and plastic bags, but they also brainwash us through the media to dispose things that are still perfectly find to use! People buy things they don't really need, and then they work extra hours to pay for buying so much, and they get tired and watch TV, which tells you to buy more stuff..this cycle continues on and on. The system has to be changed, so that it doesn't waste resources or people, and while some people think that this is unrealistic, what is truly unrealistic is believing that we can keep on bullying the Earth's resources and get away with it. People create this system of excessive consumerism so people can also create a new system, a system that will work in harmony with the earth.

Matter, Mind, and Spirit

The key concept of "Matter, Mind, and Spirit" is an infinite potential that comes from the interconnectivity of everything on the nonlocal domain of energy. The world as we know is divided into three realms - the physical level, the quantum level, and the nonlocal level. The physical domain is what we perceive in everyday life with our five senses. This is the "real" world where things are tangible and predictable. It serves as a foundation for our existence because it is simply where our "commonsense" understanding comes from.
The quantum domain breaks down the physical objects people perceive into information and energy, because ultimately, that's what atoms are. Energy manifests the many different things that people perceive because of the many different frequencies it may have. Everything is composed of energy and information, so in reality everything is just flickering in and out of existence.
The nonlocal domain is the "source" of everything, it holds all the possibilities of existence, the quantum domain is the direct manifestation of this potential, and the physical domain is the limited part of the quantum domain that we perceive. The nonlocal domain is the intelligence that organizes everything. Nonlocal events, are unmediated (correlated but not by cause and effect), unmitigated (does not diminish with space and time), and immediate (instantaneous; no travel time needed). It is everywhere at once.
This packet very much parallels concepts explored in :The Secret" by Rhonda Bymes, as well as Buddhist and transcendentalist teachings. It explores the connections and oneness of everything, and because of this connection, anything one does would affect the greater whole. With the nonlocal domain, there are no boundaries, no limits. Potential is what makes up everything, unlimited potential is what everything possesses. We can essentially do ANYTHING we want to, create anything we want to if we have the mind for it. You need to have the right mindset. If you can't think of something that you know, you can't make it happen. You have to know with every particle of your being, every ounce of energy. In short, we have the power to change reality it is only how we think that limits our ability to create. What is there to stop the growth of the human race as a whole? What couldn't humans do? The answer is nothing.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

more about our school and students

We're a special international school teaching grades 1-12, as we're not a typical, private international school. In fact, we're a bicultural, bilingual school where both the Chinese culture and the American culture co-exist within the larger societal context of Taiwan, which you can read and view pictures about on our blog. Taiwan is in an interesting position right now, as it holds to its rich Chinese cultural history, while emerging into the post-modern era as an industrialized, democratic nation; yet on any given day the influence of Buddhism and Taoism can be observed alongside the exhaust from the ubiquitous scooters, the fresh veggie morning markets along with the upscale department stores and organic food stores and Buddhist vegetarian cooperatives, the computer stores, cell phone gadgets stands and most importantly of all - the Seven Elevens.

Our students at IBHS are either American Born Chinese (Taiwanese), or Westernized Taiwanese if they are the sons and/or daughters of Taiwanese diplomats. Their parents are mostly high-level employees of major hi-tech companies in the Hsinchu Science Park - where our school is also located, a Taiwanese version of Silicon Valley - or academicians at the nearby major universities, specializing in the sciences. Our bilingual, bicultural environment teaches our students American based curriculum alongside Taiwanese curriculum, with the majority of our students being prepped to return to the United States for college, for example with AP classes. We have many of our alumni attending the most prestigious American universities, both Ivy Leagues and the Big Ten.

I am now in my seventh year of teaching here at IBSH. It's taken me some time to develop my curriculum in order to make it relevant to our special mix of bicultural students. This has included my need to learn about this Taiwanese culture that both myself, and my students who are at varying levels of acclamation and integration within the local, non-westernized Taiwanese population, are all immersed within.

To learn more about me, please see "About Me" in my profile.